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Tiffany J. Bentley, lovingly dubbed "Daddy’s girl" or "Tiff," radiates warmth and resilience in all she does. Her acclaimed book, "When All Hell Breaks Loose: Take Cover and Pray," mirrors her unwavering faith. A proud Detroit native, Tiffany thrived in the Hamtramck School system before earning dual bachelor’s degrees in psychology with honors from the University of Detroit Mercy in 2001.

Fuelled by her passion for growth, Tiffany adorned her toolkit with Lean Six Sigma Green and Black Belt certifications, alongside an Advanced Project Management Professional designation from Lawrence Technological University. With over two decades sculpting healthcare projects, she's become a beacon of excellence in her field.

Yet, Tiffany's heart lies beyond spreadsheets and meetings. As a devoted mother to her cherished "Bentley girls," she relishes in family bonds and adventures. Her soul sings in community service, traveling, curling up with a captivating book, and the joy of ballroom dancing and karaoke.

Central to Tiffany's life is her dedication to lifting others. She stands tall as an advocate, lending her voice to the Warrior Women Against Poverty (W.W.A.P). There, she champions the cause of underprivileged women, offering mentorship and support that transcends financial constraints.

Tiffany's journey bears scars, but they're badges of honor from her battle with cancer—a triumph she shares as a prayer warrior under the compassionate leadership of Pastor Jason D. Harris at After Christ Christian Center, nestled in Detroit's heart.

In the ever-expanding tapestry of her endeavors, Tiffany now ventures into coaching and mentoring, eager to guide and empower others on their unique paths. With every word spoken, every hand extended, she weaves a legacy of hope and transformation, leaving hearts richer and spirits brighter in her wake.

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Detroit Spirit Life

Detroit Spirit Life is a Christian outreach magazine that showcases the good works and evangelism being done by churches and individual believers.


The Author Speaks:

Wherever we the Only Up from Here team can be a beacon of light it is our pleasure. We so appreciate the opportunity to spread our story and be featured in the 2024 edition of the great magazine.


Detroit Book City 

Detroit Book City is an indie Black-owned pop-up shop and traveling Bookstore.


The Author Speaks:

This experience was awesome. It was a wonderful opportunity to engage with our other authors, pour into the community, and be one of the featured authors! Our table lit up the room and we were ready to shine!


Access Identity Conference with Dr. Eddie Conner was rich and enlightening. Our team was one of many authors but our mark was made. The Access Identity conference taught our team how to tap into our God-given purpose. This was our first featured opportunity. We left empowered and ready to do exactly what God called us to do.


Friday Night Nuggets with Pastor Pam


The Author Speaks:

During this live segment, we had a blast. We talked about each chapter of the book and how so many people will be blessed because of the honesty, transparency, and vulnerability. The interview received high ratings and a demand for another interview. 


Pink in the Pews with Pastor Pam was life-changing. I opened up my life without shame before an audience that wanted truth. Many walls fell during this meeting and lives were changed. This day goes down in the history of our team.


Monday Moments with Patrina L.


The Author Speaks:

Here again, Patrina L and I opened up the book and gave the people my good, my bad, my ugly, and most of all my recovery. This audience was ready and so was I. There were no filters or boundaries. We talked about what most wouldn't dare to visit all while giving God the glory! 

See the full interview here

We welcome an opportunity to be a part of your podcast, event, seminar, empowerment circle, and any upcoming event you may have. 

Tiffany can connect with her audience and capture their attention in the first few minutes of speaking. Set up a time today and talk with Tiffany directly.

Detroit Spirit Life
Detroit Book City
Access Identity Conference Dr. Eddie
Friday Night Nuggets
Pink in the Pews
Monday night with Patrina


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dear daddy

As I sit here reflecting on the memories we shared, my heart overflows with gratitude for the love, guidance, and unwavering support you bestowed upon me throughout my life. From the moment I entered this world, you were my rock, my hero, and my greatest source of strength.

I cherish the countless moments we spent together, from our late-night talks to our adventures exploring the world around us. You were more than just my father; you were my confidant, my mentor, and my best friend.

Your wisdom and kindness touched the lives of everyone you encountered, and your legacy continues to inspire me each day. Though you may no longer be physically with us, your spirit lives on in the memories we hold dear and the lessons you imparted.

Today, as I honor the incredible man you were, I want to thank you for everything you did for me. You believed in me when no one else did, and you instilled in me the values of love, compassion, and resilience that continue to guide me on my journey.

I miss you more than words can express, but I find solace in knowing that you are watching over me from above. Your love will forever be the guiding light that leads me forward.

I love you always and forever.

With all my love,


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